Permanent MakeUp Training Course

Enhanced Definition - Satisfaction Guaranteed

ODED® dramatically enhances the natural contours of lips, eyes and brows with a superior shading effect, which delivers every time. The method is one of the gentlest forms of modern micro-pigmentation techniques available which makes it hugely popular with clients looking for striking, long lasting results and its reduced treatment time and easy application makes it a clear winner with therapists too!


Gentle Micro-pigmentation & Reduced Treatment Times

Developed and patented by the world leading Szwedo Group, the ODED® method is easy to master and delivers precise needle penetration regardless of the skin texture.

The device’s unique 3 needles micro-pigmentation system has been specially designed so that the three needles work simultaneously and independently of one another. Unlike other needle penetration techniques, with ODED® there is little or no needle pressure when the needle automatically retracts from the skin. This also means the pigment is dispersed evenly under the skin surface leading to visibly reduced redness, irritation, swelling and significantly shorter treatment times as compared with other techniques.

World Leading Patented Technology

  • High definition
  • Easy to master
  • Light & mobile
  • Uniform skin puncture frequency
  • Precision needle penetration
  • Shortens treatment time
  • Reduced swelling and irritation

ODED® offers a superior micro-pigmentation techniques with a wide selection of certified pigments for every skin tone to achieve ultra-natural looks.


Can correct asymmetry and make the mouth appear more youthful.


Makes eyes appear larger, lashes thicker and is perfect for make-up allergies. Creates a youthful life to the eye.


Ideal for clients with little or no eyebrow hair.

I carried out a course with Kasia at Esteem Beauty Academy. I completed the course after 2 days of training and couldn’t have hoped for a better learning experience. Kasia helped me to build up my confidence and feel comfortable carrying out the procedures. Kasia’s knowledge of all aspects of this procedure is second to none and I can’t thank her enough for passing some of this on to me during this course."

- Ashley Kane, Glasgow