Microblading Training Course

The Esteem Excellence Academy Microblading Masterclass offers you the chance to learn a revolutionary Permanent MakeUp, which guarantees 100% natural looking eyebrows AND eyeliner, delivering flawless results every time. The results are so perfect, it is hard to distinguish this form of Permanent Make-up from natural, perfectly shaped eyebrows. 

With Microblading there are no power operated instruments that exert unnecessary pressure on the skin, causing the pigment to migrate resulting in unattractive stains and poor results. Instead a handheld penholder with a blade for the specific skin type is used to create individual hair strokes. Only a light pressure is applied and you have full control over the direction, thickness, and shape of every single hair stroke. This creates a completely natural 3D eyebrow effect.With Esteem Academy you can choose from a wide range of certified pigments ensuring a perfect match with your client’s skin tone and because it’s so gentle, TAFFY® can also be used for applying permanent eyeliner to create well-defined eyes.


This is a very comfortable, concise treatment giving completely natural and definite results for the client with none of the adverse effects that are often seen with other methods such as pigment migration, significant swelling and scabbing. 

Microblading is the perfect choice for clients who have the wrong brow shape due to over plucking, or patchy areas and won’t grow back. It is gentle, safe, longer lasting and ideal for clients with cosmetic allergies and those who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy or Alopecia. This is because the Esteem 's Academy  method involves creating individual hair strokes rather than using a shading technique. This results in 100% natural looking eyebrows and clients who are more confident and happy with their overall appearance.

Microblading can also correct badly performed permanent make-up treatment.